What Are The Perils of Dog Allergies

What Are The Perils of Dog AllergiesLike human beings, dogs are susceptible to many forms of allergies. They symptoms suffered by dogs is similar to humans. When a dog is allergic to something it may sneeze, wheeze, itch and experience skin problems. Like humans, allergies on dogs can become very severe. When a dog experiences some form of allergy, its immune system is weakened. A weakened immune system can then lead to further health problems. In severe allergic reactions, dogs can suffer from respiratory arrest and sometimes even death.

Although the cause of allergies among humans and dogs are similar, it is very often much more difficult to treat dog allergies. Dogs are unable to communicate with us to inform us of the food it has consumed and other vital information. Treating allergies on dogs is very much like treating allergies on a baby. As caretakers of our beloved four-legged friends, we must take certain steps to treat, if not altogether prevent dog allergies.

Scratching is often the most common symptom when it comes to allergies among dogs. Excessive and incessant scratching of the ears, eyes, and belly may be signs of an allergy. When this occurs it is best to give your dogs a good bath using anti-flea shampoos. If the incessant scratching persists after the bath, you should bring your dog to the vet immediately.

Food allergy is another common form of allergy among dogs. Dogs are allergic to a many foods that are normally consumed by humans. For examples, chocolates and grapes are considered to be toxic to dogs. You should always pay attention to the ingredients that are used in making the dog food consumed by your pet. There are some dogs that are allergic to certain type of meat. If your dog is experiencing some allergic reactions, try switching to another type of dog food (one that contains a different type of meat).

dog_sneezingThere are a host of things that you can do to prevent allergies. For starters, keeping your dog and its environment clean at all times will keep a host of allergens at bay. You should give your dogs a good bath and the floors of your house a good scrub at least once a week. A good air purifier with HEPA filters would also be very effective in getting rid of airborne allergens.

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