Tropical Fish Tank Service

Tropical Fish Tank Service

In offices up and down the country, there’s always at least one person with a tropical fish tank screensaver on their computer. When they go out to lunch, they’ll return to the relaxing site of tropical fish swimming about on their monitor, but wouldn’t it be much more exciting to have an actual tropical fish tank in the office?

It has long been proven that tropical fish tanks have many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and lowering stress and anxiety. Lower blood pressure means reduced stress levels, and in today’s world of high job demands and tight deadlines, stress needs to be avoided where possible as stress can lead to illness and therefore a reduced workforce.

If your biggest problem with having a tropical fish tank in the office is the cost, think again. Companies such as Aqualease are making it easier and more affordable to have a tropical fish tank in your workplace thanks to their tropical fish tank rental service.

Aqualease’s tropical fish tank service works by first selecting the fish tank that you like and Aqualease take care of the rest including installation, the maintenance of visual presentation, servicing of filtration, lighting and heating systems, monitoring and partial water changing, guarantee and replacement service for equipment, accessories, and livestock, maintenance of decor, the administration of all medications and treatments and the ongoing supply of fish food. When you add up the cost of all of that, plus the cost of the fish tank and the fish, the Aqualease tropical fish tank service is excellent value for money.

Aqualease have many different tropical fish tanks to choose from including column fish tanks and cabinet fish tanks. Column fish tanks are perfect if you’re looking to make a big impression on visitors and clients as they range from 5ft 6” to 6ft in height. Cabinet fish tanks are great if space is an issue as they feature, as the name suggests, a cabinet base which is ideal for storing documents or equipment.

So if you’re tired of watching animated fish on your employees’ monitors, why not speak to Aqualease about their tropical fish tank service.

Aqualease specialise in ‘hassle free’ aquarium rentals with features to enhance your business environments.

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