Treating and Preventing Cancer in Cats

Treating and Preventing Cancer in CatsThis may come as a shock but 50% of all cats over the age of 10 have some form of cancer.

Extensive research and advances in veterinary medicine and oncology have helped to extend the life of cats with cancer. Unfortunately, these treatments often take a large physical toll on the pet, as well as a great expense to the owner. Alternative therapies offer great hope, whether they are used to offset the toxic effects of cancer treatment, or, as an alternative to conventional treatment.

The ability of your cat to survive cancer depends on how quickly it is diagnosed, the type of cancer, and your commitment to ferret out the potential causes in your home. Different types of cancer will require slightly different treatments, but in all cases, the underlying cause of cancer is a weakened immune system.

The Cornerstone of Health- The Immune System

The body is made up of billions of cells. As old cells die, they are automatically replaced with new “identical” cells. In a healthy body, the amount of cells replicated equals the amount of cells that die off: Any cells that are abnormal are targeted by the immune system and removed before they replicate.

Two things happen when the immune system breaks down:

1. The old cells do not die off when they should,

2. Abnormal cells that are not being recognized by the immune system begin to replicate. These conglomerations of abnormal and damaged cells begin to bind together, and form a mass- cancer.

Primary Causes of Cat Cancer

It is now known that the cornerstones of pet ownership- vaccinations and manufactured pet foods- are involved in immune system break down!

You can minimize the potential for cat cancer, by reducing the frequency of vaccines and changing you cat’s diet away from packaged cat foods. Also, adding immune system supplements encourages the immune system to fight back against cancer cells in sick cats.

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