Top 7 Tips for Feeding Adult Dogs Right

Dogs, like humans, need a balanced diet for a healthy and active life. It has to be the right mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But, all dogs have bottomless pits for stomachs. They can eat whenever you feed them. So, it is essential that you feed them properly and ensure that they do not eat too much.

  1. Measure The Food – The food that you are giving you dog must be measured before you fill its bowl. Ask the veterinarian for instructions before you feed it. You can buy measuring equipment from a good dog supplies store.
  2. Establish Food Time – Feeding your pet all day is harmful for its healthy. It will eat if it is bored or if it likes food. As a result, you will have an obese pet with healthy problems.
  3. No Table Scraps – It may seem like an act of love to feed your dog table scraps. However, these scraps have high fat content and are harmful for its health.  Do not make table scraps a part of its feeding routine.
  4. No Raw Food – Raw food may seem like the ideal food for your pet but it has recently come to light that dogs that have been fed raw meat pose more health risk than their cooked food-eating counterparts. They are prone to Salmonella infection that can be fatal to your pet. Feed your dog warm, ground and cooked food. Dogs have voracious appetites and gulp down food. Therefore, it is essential to feed him ground food.
  5. No Chocolate – Most pet owners love their dogs like their babies. Don’t get carried away with this love and feed your pet chocolates, as you can poison him. Chocolates contain theobromine, that is fatal for dogs and even a small quantity of this ingredient can be lethal.
  6. Nutrients – Your pet’s diet must contain approximately 25% protein, 50% carbohydrates and about 25% of fats. Their body can synthesize Vitamin C but it needs Vitamin B1. Give it to him in the form of daily supplement.
  7. Limit Treats – Rewarding dogs with treats for obeying commands and for good behaviour is a practice among trainers and pet owners. But a good trainer also knows that though dogs love treats it is in their best interests to limit them. Instead of feeding them treats frequently, play with them and them for walks, as these are also treats for canines.

Add daily vitamins to their diet to ensure that their body is not lacking in any essential nutrients. If you have any doubts about the feeding habits of your pet, consult a vet and ask for instructions.


Amanda Lyttle is a freelance writer and a dog lover. She is the owner of a pet store as well as a party supplies store online. Check out the discount party supplies at her store, which are available at highly affordable prices.