The Importance and Benefits of Dog’s Nutrition

The importance and benefits of dog's nutrition

The importance and benefits of dog's nutrition

Your dog is your buddy. It is has been proven many times that having a dog stimulates overall mental health and offers companionship for many people. Whether you feed your dog a premium commercial food or prepare homemade meals, it is important to understand the fundamentals of dog’s nutrition

I love my dog. Although I have had dogs my whole life, I spoil them and to be frank with you I never gave much thought to what food I was giving them, or even how important nutrition was for dogs.

I was one of those dog owners who didn’t give my dogs diet a second thought. I listened to my vet advertise brands of dog food and sometimes took his advice but other times didn’t because I knew he was being paid to promote the food.

Those are the people who fall for the puppy dog eyes that our dogs seem to have mastered. Some of the food we eat can be toxic for a dog, and greasy foods, or fried food, forget it.

Once did, it wasn’t until I noticed my dog’s coat not looking as shiny as it. Other dog owners have also said that they notice something was wrong until their dogs began scratching themselves silly or were showing lack of energy. One person said it wasn’t until their dog’s stomach grew so much from him being overweight did they realize their might have been a problem with the food.

Just like us, dogs are mammals. If we eat too much and don’t have enough exercise we are going to suffer from overweight same as for our dogs. When we eat bad food, we tend to be sluggish and have difficulties moving.

Dogs are no different. Dogs can get most of the same diseases we do. They can get cancer, they can get heart disease, and have heart attacks.

Just like with us, dogs are what they eat, just like we are. Though a dog can not tell you when something does not feel right on them, or when they have a stomach ache from the food they eat.

A dogs diet needs are not that different from our own. The food we put on a dogs body affects their skin and their hair. While they can not eat the same foods we do, careful attention should be paid to the ingredients in dog food to make sure they are getting a nutritious and healthy meal.

Dogs with a poor diet do not have high energy levels, they many develop healthy problems down the line, they can be underweight or overweight. An unbalanced diet for you dog could mean a shorter lifespan that your dog has.

Free feeding your dog is almost like an invitation to obesity for some dogs. Getting your dog on a set schedule will help his diet in the long run and also his potty and business breaks outside.

Most dog owners consider their dog part of their family. Keeping a dog on a good diet has tons of benefits. Just like us dogs can get cancer, they can get diabetes and they can even suffer from high blood pressure.

You could keep allergies at bay if you make the smart choices for dog food. There are so many more reasons why you should make sure your dog is getting the best food available.