The heat cycle of your pet and contraception

dog and cat contraception

dog and cat contraception

Certain periods in the life cycle of your pet are crucial: heats, pregnancy, birth…
Which are the key moments and which difficulties can you meet? Which solutions are suggested?

The heat cycle of the female dog and her contraception

• The majority of the female dogs have their first heats between 7 and 12 months.
• They last from 10 to 20 days and regularly generally occur every 6 months, during all the life of the bitch.
• They appear by blood losses and the attraction of the male.
• The most favorable period with fertilization is at the time of ovulation, between the 10th and the 15th day of the heat cycle.

How to prevent heat cycle?

To use a contraceptive!

• Provide for the contraceptive 7 to 15 days before the regular heat cycle of your dog.
• Remember to systematically noting down the date of her heat cycles in order to better anticipate the next ones.
Always let the first heat cycle of the female dog pass before using a contraceptive.

The heat cycle has already started!

The interruption of the estrous cycle is not advised. Also if it already has started, it is the prevention that will avoid annoying consequences:

  • In order to avoid the blood stains hygiene pants can be used.
  • As much as possible, keep your female dog away from males. An odor neutralizing deodorant can help to keep the male dogs at a distance.

The heat cycle of the cat and her contraception

  • the female cats usually have their heat cycles from the end of the winter to the end of the summer, however we can experience them all year round for cats living in apartment. The heat cycle generally last 9 to 12 days and occurs up to 8 times in the year during all the life of the cat, the duration and the frequency varying according to the breed.
  • During this period, we can witness behavioral modifications: exacerbated raucous meowing, characteristic postures, the cat rubs against its Masters, rolls on the sides and the back and urinates more frequently.
  • She attracts the males and accepts the coupling a few days after the beginning of the heat cycle.
  • It is the coupling that causes ovulation, which very often involves gestation.
  • After the heat cycle, the phase of sexual rest starts during which the female cat has a normal behavior and refuses any attempt at coupling.
  • It is during this period that it is advisable to start contraception, after making sure the absence of servicing at the time as of the estrus cycles.

How to prevent heat cycle?

  • You can give your cat a contraceptive pill.
  • Before giving the pill, you must make sure of the good health of your cat, of the fact that she is pubescent (i.e. she already had heat cycles) and that she is not in a heat cycle or pregnant.

Heats are already started!

  • Just like for the bitch, the interruption of the heat cycle is not advised. Therefore, let the heat cycle pass and begin contraception approximately 2 weeks after the end of it.

Contraception of the female dog and cat

How to facilitate the administration of a contraceptive to your companion? Here some practical advices:

  • First of all, firmly maintain the head of your animal sufficiently high by wide opening the mouth. Directly introduce the tablet into the back of the throat and make swallow by closing her mouth and while rubbing her throat.
  • You can also hide the pill (whole, crushed or dissolves in a little tepid water) in a meatball or cheese.
  • Appetent tablets can facilitate the administration for your pet.


  • For the female cat as well as for the female dog, it is advised at the end of 18 months of consecutive use of a contraceptive to let pass a sexual cycle then to start again for 18 months.
  • After giving birth, the female cat returns very quickly into the heat cycles even if she still nurses her kittens. 8 days after giving birth you can begin contraception.

There is no pill for abortion. If you do not wish to have the small ones, consult a veterinary surgeon.