The 3 Best Games to Play with Your Dog

dog tug game

dog tug game

What is the main reason for most dog owners to have a dog? They want to have fun with their companion, of course. So what games can you play?

Thinking about this question is certainly worthwhile. Dogs love to play with their masters and we should give them every opportunity to do so.

Pets love to have interaction with their owners and games are a way that they can enjoy their owners company and of course the owner is in a happy mood and the dog can sense this.

What you will find out is this: Playing with your dog not only strengthens your relationship with him and builds trust. There comes a very cool side effect with it: Dog training gets so much easier.

Isn’t that great? You play with your dog and have a lot of fun, and at the same time he will become more and more obedient. In other areas of our life we would call that a real win-win situation. What more can you want? What are the games now to play with your dog that he enjoys most?

Dogs like tug games. You can buy tug toys in a pet shop but easily you can use a branch or any other wooden stick as well. But be careful: Pull gently instead of pulling too hard in order not to damage your dog’s teeth, mouth or muscles. And do not use items you don’t want to be damaged during the game like clothes or shoes.

Ball games are also very popular. You could throw a ball and your dog is chasing it and brings it back to you. Your dog will love it.

Another great game to play is hide and seek. Just make the dog sit and wait until it is called. Simply have someone hold him and cover his eyes, so that he does not see where you are hiding.

Then call him. He will love to find you and you should reward him then with a treat and hug and praise him. Be sure he enjoys this.

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