Techniques of Bird Watching

Techniques of Bird Watching

Now a day, large numbers of people from all over the world are involving in bird watching. Thousands of bird species are found in all over the world. People usually attract to the birds, as they don’t hurt to anyone, they are colorful, lively and interesting to listen. Over 1200 species of birds are found only in India. This is really an interesting work to do, as this activity doesn’t demand a lot of equipment. For bird watching, you must have only a pair of good binoculars and a field guide that may help you in identify the birds.

First of all try to observe birds in forest. There are two least methods to approach.

1. Whenever see any bird, walk along slowly and quietly, before the bird sense your presence.

2. Second method of watching the bird is to sit and wait patiently in a concealed position for birds to appear.

How to start Bird Watching

First of all it is better to know about the birds. You must have some knowledge about the birds and their species. It will help you during your tour to recognize the birds. It is very difficult to catch the birds as they disappear very quickly whenever they hear any sound around them. There are some tips, which I want to share with you which will help you during your bird watching tour.

The best way to start your bird watching tour with a person who knows better about birds and their species, as he can help you by providing the information about the bird.

If you don’t have any friend or person who is familiar with birds then don’t worry there are many good bookshops having a selection of books, magazines and tapes on bird watching. These can help you out.

If you can explore on net then you can also have lots of information about the birds and their species. Learn to identify common local species using your field guide.

Choosing a Bird Guide

Try to choose a good bird guide, which can provide exact knowledge about the birds. The guide includes information about habitats, maps showing range of different birds. It must also provide the knowledge about the birds that where and when they migrate and what their song or call sounds like. These guides also give information about the various birding sites. Bird guides will be useful to provide the knowledge about the water birds, birds of prey, and perching birds.


A list of birds in any one particular area is called a Checklist. This checklist is found in most of the national parks and bird sanctuaries. These checklists tell about the bird species, which is found in that particular area. This is also very helpful resource to know about the birds and their species. Some of the websites on net also provide this type of checklists.

Equipment for Bird Watching

It is better to bring your binoculars with you to watch the birds from very close. Bird watching is not a simple game. Sometimes it is possible that you will walk for a long time and you will not see a single bird. And sometimes, unexpectedly you will see hundreds of birds. You should also put a cassette recorder with you which will be helpful to record the voice of the birds. If you have any pre-recorded cassette of bird voice with you then it may help you to attract the birds.

Clothing during Bird Watching

Whenever you go for Bird Watching, you must wear light in weight and dark in color clothes. Wear a hat of similar color so that your head is not so obvious when looking at a bird. Try to wear long trousers for some protection against thorns, insects, leeches and snakes. Jungle boots are ideal for protection and they can dry quickly after getting wet.

Birding Ethics

Ø      During bird watching, you must be quiet, avoid harassment and don’t disturb the birds.

Ø      You must be little bit of extra careful during the breeding season of the birds as it may disturb them.

Ø      First of all do not handle eggs or young birds in your hand and if you do this don’t do it too long at nests.

Ø      Try to follow all the rules of every national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Ø      Try not to go in large groups for bird watching. If you have a large group then divide larger groups of people into smaller.

Don’t leave any garbage or trash behind you, as if any bird eats it then it may be harmful.

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