Stop Dogs from Digging

Stop Dogs from DiggingDigging problems are common amongst thousands of dogs worldwide. If you have a dog that digs you are definitely not alone. Digging can be one of the most frustrating behavior problems of all.

It’s in a dog’s natural instincts to dig which makes digging one of the toughest problems of all to remedy. Nordic dog’s are the most renowned diggers, if you are considering adopting a dog and love your garden, stare clear of breeds originating in Siberia, Scandinavia and Alaska.

Some of the main reasons dogs dig include; boredom, lack of physical exercise, anxiety through separation, and desire to escape the yard.

Understanding the main reasons for digging allows us to come up with some common sense solutions to the problem. If your dog digs due to a lack of exercise, give him more exercise. If he’s bored, consider getting some new interesting toys or playing with him more. A dog that wants to escape may be best left inside or tied up somewhere.

If however your dog likes to dig, just for the sake of digging, the tips in the list below might help you solve the problem

Restrict access to the yard. You’ll be able to guarantee no digging by doing this.

Choose strong plants for your garden. Plants such as roses have their own protective mechanisms so they make fantastic plants in gardens where dogs like to dig.

Some digging deterrents come in the form of sprays and powders. Spreading these throughout your garden can work very well in some cases.

Booby trap the yard. Bury balloons in your dog’s favourite digging area, the fright your dog gets when one of these explodes may be enough to put him off digging for a long time!

If you are unsuccessful with the tips mentioned above you might want to consider setting aside a small section of turf for your dog to dig in.

dog_diggingAnother way to channel your dogs digging into one area is by setting up a dig-box. This works best for small dogs but has worked well for large dogs as well.

For dogs that just love to dig, try to give them some outlet for their digging. The best outcome is to find a win – win solution to the problem.

The tips mentioned in this article can in some cases totally eradicate digging, or at least minimize it. If you want to put an end to digging for good you may need to use a professional dog training guide to assist you. Check out the best seller listed below.

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