Rabbits and Exercise

Rabbits and ExerciseMost of us believe that rabbits are quiet little creatures that enjoy sitting and chewing on toys and treats. But the truth is that rabbits enjoy and need exercise also.  Exercise not only helps the rabbit’s good health but also encourages good behavior. If they don’t exercise enough there is a danger of obesity and lethargy.

slinkiesLet your rabbit out of its cage in safe areas and always keep an eye on it. Rabbits like to chew on everything so you have to make sure that they won’t chew on power cords or telephone cords or household plants (some can be toxic for rabbits), and injure themselves. Rabbits like to play with boxes, crawling in and out, with slinkies  or to chew the cardboard of the toilet paper. Some rabbits like to dig so you can have a small sand box. It is important to offer your rabbit safe toys to chew. This will save your furniture and strengthen your little pet’s teeth.

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