Parrot Cages Selection Considerations

Parrot Cages Selection ConsiderationsSince your parrot will likely be spending a fair amount of time in his or her cage, its important that you take the time to properly select a cage environment that is very comfortable for your parrot. Choosing the proper parrot cages can actually ensure that you have a healthy and happy parrots for life.

Did you know that choosing cage that is too small for your parrot can actually affect their health? Make sure your parrot is as comfortable as possible in their new home.

There are several cage selection factors you should be aware of when considering your parrot cage purchase. The top parrot cage selection issues are as follows:

Construction: Parrot cages can be constructed of materials such as steel with an anti corrosive coating, stainless steel and various types of wire. The construction of the cage itself should be the highest quality you can afford. If there are any screws, welded spots or wires that may come loose, you may want to avoid the purchase. Parrots have been known to work on loose parts until they break off. If the part is separated from the cage, your bird may swallow it and become very ill or die.

Size of the Cage: You should purchase the largest parrot cage you can afford. It is an investment in your parrots health and happiness. The larger the cage is, the more freedom your parrot will have during life. You should look for a cage that it wider than it is tall. Your parrot will likely fly from side to side; not bottom to top.

Cage door size: Be sure that any cage you choose allows you take your parrot out and put him away easily. It should be noted that parrots are very smart and are known to break free of their cages if they are not properly latched. You may need to invest in a more secure cage door latch if you experience problems.

Bar spacing on the cage: Be sure that the bars on any cage you choose are close together. It would be a shame to have your parrot push his head through when you are not around; it could harm your parrot or cause him to die a needless death.

In summary, you should give thought to every aspect of your parrot’s life with you. Buying the right cage will help you to be sure he will be happy when you are not around to care for him. This short list of considerations for parrot cages selection should help you make a sound buying decision. Its simple, make your bird comfortable and you can rest well at night knowing he is very happy.


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