Obedience Training for a Well-behaved Dog

Obedience Training for a Well-behaved DogWell-behaved dogs are a joy to be around and a joy to own. Most well-behaved dogs are the ones who have had obedience training. As a conscientious dog-owner it is up to you to make sure that your dog is properly trained in obedience. An untrained dog is aggravating to be around and causes many difficulties for their owners.

A well-trained dog requires fewer restrictions and will not create embarrassment for his owner. In fact, training a dog properly will pay off in many ways. A dog that has had adequate amounts of dog obedience training is able to have less confinement, will always cooperate with neighbors and friends and will not create awkwardness for his owner. Proper training of a dog will always reflect well upon the owner.

Excessive barking, inappropriate jumping and other annoying habits of a improperly trained dog are annoying for the owner and can be frightening for visitors. After all a visitor doesn’t know your dog and may not know how to handle his bad behavior.

Dog’s that are well-trained in obedience and will respond upon command and heel nicely are much more often welcome in public outings with other people and other pets. Positive recognition and good interactions with other people and other animals is also easier and more common. Well-trained dogs are easily loved and easier to get along with for everyone.

As a conscientious dog owner you need to take care of your dog obedience training. Training a dog can strengthen the bond between the dog and his owner. Training a dog forges mutual respect, communication, and understanding and makes it apparent to your dog that as his master and owner you are the “alpha dog”. If your dog considers you to be the leader you will deflect many difficulties especially if your dog is a high strung and rambunctious by nature.

Well-behaved DogIf you want to keep your dog out of danger, obedience training is one of the most important things that you can do. If your dog slips out of his collar in the middle of a busy street you will be able to control your dog until you are able to get to a safer place. If someone neglects to lock your gate and your dog gets out you will be able to get your dog to return and you won’t have to worry about the animal control people picking him up and taking him away. A well-trained dog will save you much frustration, energy and time.

It is nice to have the ease of knowing that your dog is dependable and reliable around children. This can even be a liability problem and it is very important. Good manners, proper behavior in a crowd and reliability are important attributes that your dog will learn with the appropriate obedience training.

Dog obedience training really pays off for you as dog owner and for your dog. Training your dog is one of the most crucial things you should do as a dog owner.

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