My Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

My Automatic Cat Litter Box ReviewWho else wants to banish the chore of cleaning up after kitty’s business? If you are like most cat owners, you know that cleaning the litter box is about as exciting as dental work. Thanks to an amazing new invention, it is now possible to both keep kitty’s box clean and germ free without the tedious constant chore of scooping and changing litter. An automatic cat litter box can handle all of the stinky work for you. These self cleaning litter pans have many benefits and are especially useful for busy families, the elderly and people with disabilities because they make caring for kitty easy and automatic.

There are several good reasons to consider an automatic litter pan for your kitty. The biggest benefit most people notice is that there is a significant reduction in smell coming from the box. These units work constantly and clean up after kitty does their business which doesn’t leave a lot of time for the waste to sit. Additionally, there is a health consideration for your pet as well. The speedy cleanup means that bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow in the box and get on kitty’s paws and in their lungs. So while a human cant possibly clean up after each litter box use, these machines can and do.

Using an automatic cat litter box is rather simple. Some boxes use ordinary clumping litter while other models require you to purchase special litter. Be sure to know which one the box you purchase uses, as this makes a difference in the overall cost of running the unit. After they are set up, most self cleaning boxes require that you empty the waste receptacle weekly and add new litter as needed. Maintenance is minimal and thats the idea. You can benefit from having an always clean box without the work.

If you are shopping for an automatic litter box, you will have a number of choices. There are different brands and models for every possible need or budget. Most models are designed to accommodate households with multiple cats. Keep in mind that self cleaning boxes are not recommended for small kittens, although they are perfectly safe for older cats.

The only drawback to most leading brands is that they all make some noise as they complete their cleaning cycle. If kitty needs to use the box during this time, they may initially have difficulty using the box with this noise. Fortunately over time most all cats adapt to the box and its noises and functions.

Whats the final verdict on automatic litter boxes? Most people who choose to get one of these boxes say they would never go back to regular litter pans. These robotic helpers can certainty cut down on the work and odor that goes with being a cat owner. Best of all they cut down on odor and bacteria and help you provide a healthy environment for your pet and home.

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