Katy’s Tropical Fish

Katy’s Tropical Fish

Katy’s Tropical Fish is the complete guide to keeping healthy, happy, long-lived tropical fish. The manual itself consists of over 100 pages of comprehensive information and full-color diagrams, and covers all aspects of setting up a tropical fish aquarium from scratch: preparing it, placing it, stocking it, cleaning it, and maintaining a sustainable, stress-free, and healthy environment for the fish. 

A tropical aquarium is (to the uninitiated, at least) a surprisingly delicate balance of conflicting factors: everything has to be just so in order for the fish to survive and cohabit with each other peacefully. There are a lot of different considerations to bear in mind in the long run – Katy’s Tropical Fish – A Complete Guide tells you everything you need to know to keep a well-maintained aquarium, swimming with beautiful fish, for a minimum of cost, effort, and time-investment.

What Do You Learn?

This manual tells you literally everything you need to know about acquiring and maintaining your tank of healthy, happy tropical fish. One of the main selling-points of the book, as far as I’m concerned, is that it’s a complete guide: literally all the information necessary to set up your own aquarium is included (and how to do it quickly, too – Katy tells you how to do it inside of 24 hours), as well as long-term maintenance tips on how to keep everything fresh and looking good.

In addition to this, there’s also identification and treatment advice on some of the more common ailments suffered by tropical fish (including White Spot, Velvet and Fin Rot), which will save time and money at the vet’s (not to mention potential heartbreak); information and troubleshooting tips on how to grow healthy aquatic plants; and time- and money-saving information on recommended products, which products aren’t recommended (and why), and aquarium care. And all of this is in clear, easily-understandable language, too – which is a real relief, especially after trying to wade through some of the terminology-packed alternatives available on the market!

What Bonuses Do You Get?

You get considerable bang for your buck with Katy’s Tropical Fish Guide – not only do you get the complete, fully-illustrated guide itself, which is an exhaustive guide to everything you need to know about keeping tropical fish, but you also get:

– the downloadable video, Secrets to Tropical Fish Success, which guides you through the set-up of a professional-quality tropical aquarium (regardless of your budget)

– the bonus book Buying Compatible Freshwater Fish, which is a complete guide to the compatibility of a variety of freshwater fish which you may wish to add to your tropical aquarium

– the bonus book Introduction to Freshwater Plants, packed with useful information on the importance and care of plants in your aquarium

– the bonus book Choosing the Right Marine Fish, a complete guide to choosing and caring for marine fish (a wide selection of tropical saltwater fish are covered)

Particularly Good Parts

Something I found particularly useful was the free, private email consultation with the Kingdom of Pets tropical fish team. If, after reading the books and watching the video, you should have any unanswered questions, all you have to do is send an email – and you’ll receive a reply back in no time at all (the rapidity of customer service is another gratifying aspect of this product), straight from the tropical-fish experts themselves. This consultation is valued at 0, but for some strange reason it’s currently being given away completely free!

In addition, I always find it very reassuring when a company or author is confident enough of the quality of their product to offer a no-questions-asked 100% refund, should a customer (for whatever reason) not be completely satisfied with their purchase. From a consumer’s perspective, this safety-net does a lot to assuage any (hypothetical, as it turns out) doubts that I may have had.

All in All

I can’t see how you can possibly go wrong with this. After trawling through the other products available on the market, I have to say that Katy’s Tropical Fish – A Complete Guide has to be the leader in the field (and I’d say the author knows it too, since she promises to give it away for free if you can find a better-value guide anywhere on the Internet!).

If you’ve got a tropical aquarium, or are thinking of obtaining one, this guide (Katy’s Tropical Fish) is definitely for you – there’s no doubt about it.

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