How To Train Your Cat To Adjust To A New Environment

Anytime you bring a cat into a new environment that could include children or other pets can be a stressful experience for any pet to take in. It is important to understand the not all cats have the same temperament, and a lot of this will come in to play in how well you new family pet will adjust to its new surrounding at the beginning. It is a proven fact that a kitten will make the move easier and adjust better to its new environment that a full adult cat.

The goal of the article is to show you a few tips that will help your new cat adjust to its new living conditions.

The first thing that I would recommend is that you set a place for the new pet that is just for them. It should be out of the way of all the movement in the house. It need to be a place of privacy for the new cat. You will also need to set it up with a place for the kitten to sleep, with a little bed and maybe a pillow.

Next, place the kitty litter box in the room across from the room you made for them. Do not put the kitty litter box in the same room you made for their privacy because cats refuse to sleep anywhere near their litter box.

After that you will want to set up the food and water for the kitten. I suggest that you set it away from the litter box because cats do not like to eat close to it. I suggest placing it on the opposite side of the room.

Once you have everything set up let the cat go in and explore its knew room. This is a great time for you and your kitten or cat to bond as well, and you can begin to work on training techniques with it.

Be sure to let the cat look around and play in the room, and start to get adjusted to the room. If the cat looks sleepy then let it take a nap in its new room, or move the cat to that room when it falls asleep in another room in the house. The goal is to make the cat feel as comfortable as possible in its new living conditions

Allowing the cat or kitten on his or her own to explore the rest of the house or apartment would be beneficial. By leaving doors cracked so they can go explore the home to see the parts of the home that they will be living in. Leaving doors cracked open is something you will want to do, so that the new pet can explore.

After you get your cat comfortable with its new room and home, then you can start to train you cat.

Build the relationship with you cat, and make sure that it is full of love and be sure to have a great deal of patience with your new pet, and you will be off to a great start.


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