How To Leash Train Your Dog

dog leash training

dog leash training

A training leash seems very simple to use. You just attach the leash to the dog’s collar, right? That is what most people think who have never owned a dog. There is more to walking a dog on a leash than just that.

But it is well worth doing. You’d want to take your dog for a walk around the block or in the park some time. A leash comes in useful when you go on vacations, go to the veterinarian, and the like.

Dogs and puppies who have never worn a collar before need a little time to become accustomed to that before you start thinking of attaching a leash to the collar. A collar should fit your dog well, and you should get an adjustable one so it’ll fit as your dog grows.

For the first few days of wearing a collar, watch your dog. She might find the collar uncomfortable and try to remove it. Something might catch and she could put herself at harm.

When you first attach the dog training leash to the collar, you can let the puppy play with the leash. You don’t have to use it for walking right away. Put it onto the collar inside the house and just leave it loose. This gives the puppy a chance to enjoy playing and wearing the leash. You should keep the dog within sight because the leash might get caught up in something.

Always talk with your puppy a lot while you are introducing new dog training leash or other skills. You can start the lesson by walking her on the leash inside the house or in the yard.

Your dog will pull on the leash if there’s something interesting to look at or smell. You need to achieve a balance between letting the dog enjoy her walk and investigate some interesting objects, and keeping control yourself. The leash should not be used to pull your dog, nor should it be used by your dog to pull you.

So how do you keep control of the walk? You have to use your voice and flicks of the leash to keep your pet under control. Say her name a lot when you want her to move in a certain direction.

Taking the same walk every day is often the best way to go. You have to continue this until your dog gets used to walking on a leash. When she knows what to expect, she is more likely to trot along happily at your side for most of the walk. Of course, teaching your dog to come when called will help in keeping her close to you when she is on a dog training leash.

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