How to Keep Flies from Dogs

There are many different products out there, but, please be sure to discuss which is best with a vet and in general don’t use them on newborn puppies. Always prefer the natural solutions, Citronella, Rosemary Oil and Cedar Oil are all natural repellents. Keep your dog cleaned and brushed regularly. Please be careful with fly control products near the eyes, nose and mouth of your pet.

Keep the area that he lives in CLEAN! Dog poop or wet dog food sitting out can attract flies. Clean the area where you dog hangs out. Dog feces attracts flies, so pick up every day. If you dog lies in a special spot, clean that area also.

If he’s near an area by the garbage cans; Make sure that the garbage cans are regularly cleaned…Plain boiling water is an excellent (and inexpensive) way to kill maggots in garbage cans. Put up some fly paper near his feeding area. Fly traps are excellent for use around pets, in the yard, kennel and garbage containers. I know FlyRelief can be really helpful.

Houseflies (black, non-glossy body) and blowflies (metallic blue/green/gold body) are the most common types found around homes — both are categorized as “filth flies.” Houseflies are attracted more toward animal manure and decayed food, while the blowfly is attracted more to decayed meat (road kill) or fish. Both can be found around garbage. Houseflies will be more dominant around farms and animals, while the blowfly will be more dominant around wooded areas, waterways, and more populated human habitations.

The following products should not be applied to the eyes or mucous membranes of dogs or any other animals. Contact your veterinarian for medication to heal and protect the eyes from biting flies and other insects, and always follow product label instructions.

Diaper Rash Cream

Outdoor dogs with ears and noses that have been bit by flies can be treated with diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide. It’s gentle enough for a baby’s bottom, and it works well to heal bites from flies and other insects. Apply a little diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide to the noses and ears of your outdoor dogs. Not only will it help heal existing bites, but it will also help repel flies and other insects.

Petroleum Jelly

If you don’t have diaper rash cream but have petroleum jelly, until you can get to the store, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the ears and the noses of your outdoor canines. It will provide some relief from the pain and itching, and it will help keep the flies at bay. It’s safe to use since it’s nontoxic, but it’s not as effective at healing and keeping away flies as diaper rash cream.

Pet-Guard Gel

My friend purchased Pet-Guard Gel from our local pet store, and she said it worked very well to keep flies away from her outdoor dogs. It’s safe to use on the entire coat and around the face, but the eyes must be avoided. Visit to learn more about Pet-Guard Gel, and to purchase this amazing product.


Another fantastic product to keep flies and other insects away from outdoor dogs is Flys-Off. My friend hasn’t tried Flys-Off, but I’ve heard good things about this insect repelling product.

Also when there are that many flies bothering a dog it is because there is an infection or an open wound somewhere. Locate the source (ears for example) and take him to a vet for meds.

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