How To Correctly Care For A Bull Mastiff Dog

How To Correctly Care For A Bull Mastiff DogCaring for a Bull mastiff dog is not very complicated as long as you educate yourself on the breed itself and their specific needs. The breed is a cross between a Bull Dog and a Mastiff. Bull mastiffs are beautiful animals and grow to be quite large. The average grown Bull mastiff stands between 25 and 27 inches tall and weighs in at 110 to 130 pounds.

When caring for them you should consider such things as love and attention, vaccinations, environment, training, grooming, and of course proper nutrition. The Most important thing you can do for your new pet is to get it vaccinated. Keep shot records and make certain to keep all vaccinations up to date. Receiving vaccinations and attending regular checkups from the vet will help keep your Bull mastiff healthy.

Now you are probably wandering what to feed your new Bull mastiff puppy. The American Bull mastiff Association recommends feeding a puppy a quality food that is composed of meat as the first ingredient on the label and is 19 to 25 percent protein and 8 to 14 percent fat. They are more disposed to bloating than other breeds so feed them three small meals a day, rather than one large meal. As your puppy grows consult your veterinarian as to what type of food he or she feels best suites its individual needs.

Training is very important with any dog especially large breeds. Begin early teaching your Bull mastiff how to behave around purple. Teach him or her not to jump on anyone. This breed can have an aggressive nature if not socialized at an early age. Take them around people and get them use to noise such as children running and playing. Basically show them different environments and allow them to understand that these surroundings are normal and nothing to be fearful of.

Bullmastiffs require less grooming than long haired breeds. Bathe them only when they need it to avoid drying their skin. Brush their coat with a firm bristled brush ever so often to remove lose hair. bulmastiff_lazyExercise is imperative as Bull mastiffs can tend to be lazy. They may not be very active on their own, thus leading to weight gain. Take them for a walk at least once a day. They do love to the attention that play brings. Get a ball or a Frisbee and spends some time playing. you will both enjoy the quality time and benefit from the exercise.

These dogs are very loyal to their owners. They are wonderful with children and protective of their families. If you care for them properly and show them a lot of love and attention you will have a friend for years to come.



Bullmastiffs: An Owner’s Companion is packed with essential and interesting information about this mastiff breed, which can be traced back many centuries. The Bullmastiff is a large, strong, active dog, fearless yet docile. Its reliability, intelligence, and willingness to please make it a dependable family companion. It is also a popular dog for showing and exhibition. The authors discuss the origins and history; breed standards; buying and choosing a puppy; puppy and adolescent management; breeding, showing, and judging; nutrition; and ailments and diseases.

Bullmastiffs: An Owner’s Companion

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