How to Choose the Perfect Hummingbird Feeder

Did you know that in the western hemisphere you can find more than three hundred species of hummingbirds and if you use the right hummingbird feeder, there is a great chance to see some of them coming up at your house.

Although there many different models of hummingbird feeder on the market and if you are not up to build it yourself, there are a few requirements that you might take into consideration if you want to buy one this year and have the rare privilege of the hummingbirds company.

Some of the requirements that you might look for:

Prefer glass tanks rather than plastic. Glass reservoirs in a hummingbird feeder are easier to clean, don’t have this cloudy aspect after time and don’t build up mold as the plastic ones.

If you don’t want to keep on filling up the reservoir, make sure you choose a hummingbird feeder with a relatively large capacity, and because hummingbirds vary their activities throughout the seasons, it would be wise to fill the tank accordingly in order to avoid heating up or to grow mildew and mold.

The bottom of your hummingbird feeder should be removable and easy to wash and also without too many corners or gaps that would be difficult to reach.

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It is always a good idea to have a hummingbird feeder equipped with a rest on perch even if these amazing creatures are mastering hovering flights, they prefer feeding in a resting position.

An interesting detail that you should watch out is to make sure that your new or next hummingbird feeder is Yellowjackets proof, by that I mean that it will not give access to food to the Yellowjackets. The feeding ports of your hummingbird feeder should be deep enough away from the nectar so the Yellow Jackets cannot reach it otherwise they will invade it in no time.

Your hummingbird feeder should also be an inverter type where you can see the amount of remaining food and with an acceptable capacity that should last for two to three without refill.

Again for practical reasons, make sure the bottom of the hummingbird feeder is made of quality plastic non porous if possible to make cleaning easier.

The feeding ports should look like real flowers and stick out from the base.

If you want to push it to an extreme you could also look for replaceable bottles with easily cleanable adapters but then it may really narrow down your search for the perfect hummingbird feeder.

Where to Buy the Perfect Hummingbird Feeder?

You might think that with all the above requirements there is possibly no feeder on the market that could fulfill them all. And you are right but I was so convinced that I would be able to find it that my thorough search made me discover a hummingbird feeder that is actually the only one that could satisfy almost all the conditions. You can visit the website where I found it at the following address:

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