How to Apply Flea Control Treatment on your Cat

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Applying Advantage® flea control to your feline friend is fast and easy. There are two convenient package sizes which offer flexibility in dosing:

For cats and kittens eight weeks or older:

Once you have the correct pre-measured dose from your veterinarian, follow the instructions below to provide your purr-fect companion with fast relief. (Advantage for cats should not be used on any other type of animal. Always consult your veterinarian prior to application.)

To correctly treat your kitten or cat:

  1. Remove one applicator tube from the package.
  2. Hold applicator tube in an upright position. Pull cap off tube.
  3. Turn the cap around and place other end of cap back on tube.
  4. Twist cap to break seal, then remove cap from tube.
  5. Part the hair on the neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. Do not get this product in your pet’s eyes or mouth. The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occur for a short time if the cat licks the product immediately after treatment. Treatment at the base of the skull will minimize the opportunity for the cat to lick the product.
  6. Discard empty tube by securely wrapping in several layers of newspaper and discarding in trash.

See picture below.


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