Hiking With Your Dog – Follow Our Tips

Hiking With Your Dog

Do you want to go on an adventure and hike with your dog? This is possible by taking certain precautions and preparing your initerary.

What types of dogs can hike?

Hiking with dogs or canine hiking is recommended to share amzing times with your doggie. However, you should know that your dog must be perfectly educated and socialized. She must behave well with people but also with his fellow dogs, especially if you practice this activity in a group.

It is also preferable that your dog does not have too much hunting instinct because you may meet other animals.

Finally, be aware that some breeds of dogs have joint problems while others cannot walk too far or too long. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for more information.

What precautions should be taken before starting the hike?

To hike with your dog, it is preferable if she is full-grown. As soon as she is old enough, you should discuss it with your veterinarian. He will be able to tell you if your dog is in good health and if she can hike. He can also advise you on possible training you can do with your dog.

For a complete guide on hiking with your dog read this excellent article written by Lara Sein from OutdoorsWithNoLimits: https://outdoorswithnolimits.com/hiking-or-backpacking-with-your-dog-cant-be-improvised-essential-guide/

Indeed, hiking with your canine is not an activity that can be done overnight. You will need to train for short distances to start and gradually increase the distance.

Not to mention that during your hikes, your dog will have a backpack, the same as you, in which to place his various belongings.

So he will have to get used to moving around with a weight on his back. Start with a small load and gradually increase.

What equipment for a hiking dog?

So your dog will need a backpack. You can find them in specialized shops for hiking.

Ask your veterinarian for advice on whether your dog can carry a bag and how much weight he can carry.

In general, this weight is equivalent to 10% of the dog’s weight and should not exceed 20%.

Inside, you can insert all the items that will be necessary for the hike. This backpack is a great help to you. It will allow you to have less to wear.

In this dog backpack, there must be:

  • kibbles for your dog,
  • bowls,
  • enough water so that he doesn’t dehydrate,
  • a first aid kit: for this one, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice to make sure you don’t forget anything,
  • special dog walking shoes in case the terrain is too steep. This will prevent injury to the legs or pads.

You also need a special hiking leash.

How to prepare your hike with your dog?

Like every hike, you have to prepare it in advance so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Some information is useful before leaving so that everything goes well:

  • Find out if the route you want to take is authorized for dogs. Some national parks prohibit access for pets.
  • Your dog cannot follow the same paths as you. If you can’t carry her, some places, such as rope bridges, won’t be accessible to her. Make sure that the entire route is suitable for her. Also, avoid too dangerous places such as paths near ravines.
  • Avoid as much as possible steep terrain that could injure him.
  • For the night, make sure that the place where you plan to sleep accepts dogs (refuge or hut).
  • Take the phone numbers of local veterinarians. In case something happens to your dog, it will save you time.

If you are interested in this activity, there are canine hiking clubs that can help you get started.