Helpful Tips for Choosing a Healthy Betta Tropical Fish

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Healthy Betta Tropical Fish

For anyone who considers themselves Tropical Fish Tank enthusiasts you should be familiar with the very popular tropical fish called the Betta or also known as ‘The Fighting Fish”. Without a doubt this is the most popular and common fresh water tank fishes that is available on the market. It is a common occurrence for people just starting out in this very popular hobby to start with their first fish being a Betta tropical fish. Along with its popularity it is also one of the easiest fish to take care of and its beauty is unsurpassed.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a tropical fish for your tank and you decide on a Betta tropical fish, don’t put another Betta in the same tank. This is because Betta’s are a very aggressive and territorial fish and they will attack each other, sometimes there battles will be to the death. You especially do not want to put a Betta in the same tank with other aggressive fish. However there are times you can place some Betta’s with other fish that are peaceful.

By choosing a healthy Betta tropical fish, you should have years of enjoyment. The reason behind this is because its lifespan would be much longer. Now some helpful tips that should aid you in searching for a healthy Betta fish would include checking out the cleanliness of the pet store where you plan to purchase your fish. Try to look around and see if the place is clean and if the other animals being sold at that store are well taken cared of. Take a look at the cages also if they are clean then try and get an idea of how the people that work there feel about the animals.

If the store seems clean, and the employees look like they take care of the animals under their care. Next would be to check the cleanliness of the aquariums. Is there a brown and green substance (which is algae) on the glass? Are the fishes happy, healthy and swimming around? If you see these aquatic creatures simply sitting at the bottom of the tank or gasping for air, this is not a good sign. Make it a point too, to ensure that the areas where they bag the fishes are very clean. Most of the time many people miss this – which should not be the case.

As for the appearance of the Betta tropical fish, their color should be bright and lively. Make sure too, that there are no tears in their fins and examine the fishes in a well lighted area. Make it a point that the eyes are clear and not bulging. Above all you want to avoid anything that looks like cotton or crystals that look like salt.

If the environment and the fish pass all of these with flying colors, then you can happily purchase the Betta fish and start taking care of it in the comforts of your home.

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