Great Gifts for your Canine Friend

dog_ballFor most dog owners, their pets are not just animals; they are babies, companions, confidants and more.

Many people choose dogs for pets because of the unique and loving relationship that grows between human and canine and nearly all dog owners find it difficult to imagine life without their sweet four-legged canine friend.

Just as you show your human friends love and appreciate through attention and gifts, you can show your canine friend how much you love him by spending quality time together and giving him a few special gifts that are perfect for dogs. Remember, though, that no amount of chewy bones or sneaky toys can ever take the place of affection and attention between owner and pet, so make sure you spend time with your furry friend daily and let him know how important he is in your life.

Dogs love to play games, so one of the obvious gifts for your pet is a ball or toy that he can play with individually or with you. Some dogs favor squeaky toys but you should exercise your caution – toys should be well constructed so there is no danger of your pet chewing the squeaker out and swallowing it.

Another longtime favorite is the rope toy that allows your dog to chew to his heart’s content without ruining any furniture or shoes. You can also use the rope to play tug-of-war with your furry friend. Most pet stores carry a wide range of toys to amuse even the most blasé of dogs but the dog_toyaverage dog will be fine with some bones and a ball or two.

A good choice for summertime is a hard plastic pool filled with water. Your canine friend will delight in splashing in and out of the cool water, and it will keep him cool and hydrated even in the hottest months. Avoid buying any soft inflatable pools since hard doggie nails can puncture the plastic and quickly turn a pool party into a party pooper.

Show your dog how important he is by spending regular time with him both in play and in relaxation, and the two of you will enjoy a rich relationship for many years to come.


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