Got Birds? Absolute Bird Control Answers Top Ten Bird Problems

Got Birds? Absolute Bird Control Answers Top Ten Bird Problems

Got birds? Absolute Bird Control is a website dedicated to providing the very best in affordable and humane bird deterrents. The site offers a full line of easy to use products that can remedy virtually any pest bird problem, and the products are designed for home use! Whether you have pigeons under an eave, geese in your yard, or sparrows nesting on a window sill, Absolute Bird Control has the right product for you!

Pest birds can be quite a nuisance. They create a mess, and can carry disease such as West Nile Virus, Avian Flu, and Histoplasmosis. It is important to address a pest bird problem as soon as one is spotted. The longer birds inhabit an area, the harder it is to get them to move on.

For years Absolute Bird Control has been dedicated to helping home owners find the best product for their pest bird problems. The customer service department is committed to educating customers on the different products available.

Recently Absolute Bird Control polled its customer service department to find out what the top ten “pest bird” questions they received were. The list below provides solutions for the most common bird problems home owners’ encounter. If you have a pest bird problem, Absolute has a solution!

1. Pigeons On a roof

Birds like the highest points on buildings for predator and food lookout. When you take away the option to land there, they will usually move on and find another spot. Pigeons or seagulls can be deterred by using the spike products. Birds know they cannot land on such a surface. An outdoor sound deterrent also works well in this situation. These units are weatherproof, and can cover large areas. Other options would be the gel repellants. Applied to the roofline, birds do not like the “sticky sensation” on their feet, and will move on. Making the area uncomfortable will be your best bet. Because it can be difficult to access a roof area, calling in a authorized pest control company may be the best way to take care of birds on a roof. To find an installer in your area, call 1-800-392-6915.

2. Small Birds nesting under and eave or canopy

An eave is the perfect home for a bird. It provides shelter from the elements and predators. Scents in the nesting material and droppings will lead the bird back to their own nest. The most important step is to make sure all of the nesting material is cleaned away. Calling a pest control professional to help aid with the clean up and installation is your best bet. Bird droppings carry disease, and the proper protection is a must. Once the nests and droppings are cleaned up, there are several products that can help. The best way to keep smaller birds out of an eave is to block them out with netting. The netting acts as a physical barrier. Treating the beams that the birds are nesting on with the Bird Gel will also help. The Bird Chase Supersonic, an outdoor sound deterrent, is weatherproof and can be programmed for smaller birds. Predator calls signal the birds to move away from danger.

3. Pigeons on a Balcony or patio

Pigeons on a balcony or patio area are a very common problem. These areas provide shelter, and prime nesting locations. Because the birds land indiscriminately on these areas, it is important to choose something that will encompass the patio or balcony. Many people have success with stringing visual deterrents such as Mylar Flash Tape or Scare Eye Diverters. Both use visual scare tactics to frighten birds away. A sound deterrent can also help with this problem; they cover wide areas, and require no maintenance. For table tops and A.C. units, the Repeller, a solar powered unit that uses motion to scare birds, will also work.

4. Geese in yard, making a mess of grass area

Geese are large birds, which create large messes. Absolute Bird Control carries three different products to deter geese. There is a topical grass repellent called Migrate. It is made out of grape extract, and geese can’t stand the taste. Applied to a lawn area, geese will realize they do not have a food source and move onto a better spot. There is also a product called the scarecrow which is hooked up to a garden hose. Every time the unit detects motion it will spray out water. Lastly there is a sound deterrent called the Goose Chase Sonic, which uses distress calls of other geese to move geese on. If you only have a few geese any one of the goose products will work. If you have a greater number of geese on the property, you may want to consider using a combination of the products.

5. Woodpeckers destroying the side of a home

Woodpeckers peck into surfaces for a three reasons, to look for food, to attract a mate, and to create a nesting cavity. If woodpeckers have chosen your home to peck at, there are a few successful items you can use. Visual deterrents, such as the Diverters, Scare Eye Balloons, or Mylar Tape work well with a woodpecker problem. These three items have reflective surfaces which woodpeckers will avoid. The Bird Chase Super Sonic can be programmed for woodpeckers. The unit can cover between 1-5 acres, and is weatherproof.

6. Birds sitting on a window sill

Window sills provide a perch, and often shelter. Making the sill un-usable for birds is a good way to stop a bird from choosing your window. Products such as the Bird Spikes or Bird Gel work well in this situation. If you have birds flying into a window, or pecking at a window, we carry “window alerts”. These are decals applied to the window itself, which help birds recognize the surface, and ignore the reflection.

7. Seagulls or Pigeons making a mess on a boat or dock

When a boat owner goes out to their boat, the last thing they want to do is clean bird droppings. The masts and spreaders of boats provide perfect landing spots for these large birds. We have two great products to help boat owners battle a tough bird problem. The Bird Spider is a very simple product, with very successful results. Steel arms bounce in the wind, the motion will frighten birds away. Usually one spider at each end of a boat will be enough to deter birds. The Repeller, the solar powered bird deterrent, can also be used on boats. This unit is ideal for flat surfaces such as canopies or covers. The continuous sweeping motion of the rods will keep the birds at bay.

8. Noisy Birds in a nearby tree

Its 6:00 am and the birds in a nearby tree are at it again! Usually customers are troubled with the noise and mess birds create while in a tree. If they are not nesting you could try the outdoor sound deterrent (the Bird Chase Super Sonic) this emits predator and distress calls, when birds hear these calls their natural instinct is to flee the area. Visual deterrents in the tree such as our Mylar flash tape of scare eye balloons may also help. Fruit growers have success with the Scare Eye Diverters when trying to protect fruit trees.

9. Birds / Ducks in or near a pool

If you are having problems with birds around your pool you may want to consider the outdoor sound deterrent. This devices uses predator and distress calls to scare the birds. It is weatherproof and can be programmed to which bird you are having the problem with. Because you cannot really treat the pool with surface treatments (like spikes or gel) this may be your best option. If the problem is ducks in a pool, the scare eye balloons used in the pool have proven to be successful. The “Scare Eye Balloon” has mock predator eyes printed on the balloon. Ducks will be frighten by the site, and move on.

10. Small Birds nesting in a Garage / barn

Nesting Birds are tough to get rid of. Absolute Bird Control gets calls about birds in a garage or barn area often. Again these structures provide perfect shelter. As with question 2, netting off areas is the best way to keep birds out. Blocking access to the rafters or beams that the birds perch on is a great way to protect these areas. We also carry an indoor sound deterrent called the Bird Chase Super Sonic. This unit uses high frequency ultrasonic noises to deter birds, and can cover up to 6,000 square feet.

Using the information in this list can save you time and money! Visit now for information and pricing on any of the products listed. The customer service team is waiting to help you solve your pest bird problem today.

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