Dry or wet food for dogs, what to choose?

Dry or canned food for your dog

Dry or canned food for your dog

To properly feed our dog, we inevitably raise the question of whether to choose dry or wet food for dogs. Each nutrition has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wet or dry food? What should we give to our dog to provide him all the essential nutrients he needs? If you really can’t decide, you can pretty much alternate the two types of food.

Benefits of kibble dog ​​food (dry food)

Quality is essential

Kibbles have many advantages, but the food’s quality should come first. If you choose value-priced dry food, your dog will not have all the nutrients needed for a good health. To bring him everything he needs, you need to choose Premium food. It is then a perfectly complete and balanced food which is sufficient in itself.

Easy to dose and maintain

Dry food is easy to dose and preserve. After opening the bag, it can be kept without being damaged and does not smell bad. Just observe the indicated dosage so your dog will get everything he needs in his meals. So dry foods are more hygienic. It is also easier to store large amounts of dry food in a small space.

Dry foods easier to digest

Croquettes are easier to digest than wet food. It is not necessary to give very large quantities and the dog can more easily digest it. The stools are less abundant and less odorous.

Good oral hygiene

Dry foods promote good oral hygiene for your dog. Chewing his daily kibble, the dog “brushes his teeth”. Dry food consumption limits the formation of tartar on the teeth.

Benefits of dog canned food (wet food)

A tasty meal

Canned foods are appetizing meals for the dog. Most often he prefers to eat pâté rather than kibble. The tastes vary and give your pet the opportunity not to eat the same thing day after day.

A very wet nutrition

Can food are considered as very wet food. This can be interesting if your dog does not drink enough. But as the pâté contains a lot of moisture, the dog must consume more than kibbles to have the same nutrient intake. High humidity also limits the occurrence of any urinary problems.

Easier to swallow

For older dogs or very young dogs, wet food is easier to swallow. They are more suitable for dogs who have difficulty eating or have little appetite.

Can I alternate the two types of food?

By alternating wet and dry food, your dog will benefit from the advantages of each type of food while minimizing the disadvantages. However, favor mostly kibbles to reduce the appearance of plaque. In any case, make sure your dog always has fresh water available.