Dog UTI – Natural Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection In Dogs

Dog UTI - Natural Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection In DogsIf you are one of the millions of pet owners who have struggled to treat you pet’s dog UTI and are still battling the problem, perhaps you need to try a natural approach. Antibiotics often only relieve the symptoms but do not get to the core problem.

That’s why your dog continues to have a urinary tract infection. Read on to understand how using a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs brings permanent relief to your dog and you peace-of-mind.

There are different causes of bacterial infections of the bladder. Sometimes they can recur because of a birth defect such as an ectopic ureter. Other times they can be caused by an illness like bladder stones or a bladder tumor.

In order to determine the cause and give a correct diagnosis, it is important to go to a veterinarian when you first notice the signs that something is wrong. If the infection is detected in its late stages, conventional treatment with antibiotics may be necessary. It the infection is in its early stages, a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs will most likely do the trick. If the underlying cause of the infection is bladder stones, a tumor, or a birth defect, surgery may be necessary to keep the infection from coming back. In any case, in order to promote a healthy bladder, a healthy flow of urine, and a strong immune system that can fight off infections, a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs can be highly beneficial.

When you get your dog on a program using a homeopathic medicine, you provide your dog with a stronger immune system that prevents the dog bladder infection – and other infections from returning. If you give your dog repeated doses of antibiotics, all you do is suppress symptoms and can bet that the underlying problem is not fixed. This means the infection will return to cause your dog pain again.

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Many pet owners are worried about giving their dogs antibiotics because of the potential side effects. Dogs metabolize most of the drugs which then pass through the urine so they have to take high doses of them to compensate. These high doses can lead to an aggravation of the symptoms of UTI.

In contrast, a using a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs is far safer for your dog and you can give it as part of his daily nutritional program. All you do is mix it in his food and he’ll never know its there. There is a pleasant taste and such a small amount dog’s never realize they are taking medicine.

natural-remedySo there you have it. If you are concerned about using antibiotics over and over again you now know you have an alternative. Find a natural remedy for urinary tract infection in dogs that is not only affordable it is safe too.

Get away from the toxic medicines that really don’t do much to help your dogs overall health. Consider giving a homeopathic remedy a try and see how your dog’s overall health improves dramatically.


Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs) Resources Canine Urinary Tract Support (120 Tabs)

An optimum blend of herbs and mushrooms individually formulated for dogs designed to support the urinary tract. Contains natural antimicrobial agents such as Uva Ursi and Cranberry, which studies have shown may reduce the ability of bacteria to adhere to the lining of the bladder and urethra. Poria and Polyporus mushrooms have been shown to act as natural diuretics, while Marshmallow soothes inflamed and irritated membranes. Nutritionally supports pets suffering from temporary deficiencies due to cystitis, bladder stones, bladder inflammation and associated symptoms. Pets should be off dry and drinking plenty of liquids such as water, rice milk, soy milk or apple cider vinegar. Tablets may be given orally or crumbled and mixed with moist food. Responses to natural dietary supplements may vary by animal

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