Dog grooming: Start early so your puppy is familiar with

Dog grooming: Start early so your puppy is familiar withTo begin with you will require good dog grooming tools; you will want a small slicker brush and a fine toothed comb. As a puppy is young it is a good idea to brush and comb him every day. If your puppy is not by now in the habit of having his nails clipped it is great to start this now rather than waiting and battling a 70 pound dog. Human nail clippers can be used on puppies until they are about 3 months old. These make it easier to take away just the tips of tiny nails. Be certain to clip the dewclaws if these have not been removed.

Check your dog’s ears regularly, and even if they do not look dirty, get him used to having a cotton swab soaked in a little ear cleaner run around the inside of the ear. Lift up your dog’s lips and inspect the mouth. Your puppy will become used to being examined and having sensitive parts of his body handled, and you will learn what is normal for your dog, making it easier to spot potential problems before they require more serious attention.

How much coat care a mature dog wants will depend on the nature of coat he carries. A greatly coated dog with ample of feathering will call for further upkeep than a dog with less coat and sparse feathers. A dog has to have at least one session of brushing weekly, although some situations require additional care. All sorts of brushes, shedders and matt splitters are available; although all that is actually required are a large slicker brush and a comb.

Areas that require special attention are the feathers of the front and rear legs, the tail feathers and the fine hair just underneath and behind the ears. All of these areas are prone to matting due to scratching, chewing or things getting caught in the longer hair. Dogs shed their coats twice a year. When this occurs will depend on the climate in your area. When your dog sheds, his fine undercoat is lost en masse, often in clumps. During periods of shedding you may wish to brush your dog using a dog brush like Little Pals Brush several times a day to keep the fine undercoat from ending up all over the house and yard.

You can help loosen up the coat by running your hands and fingers all over it, massaging the skin. A few say this helps fuel new coat growth. In any case, it helps to speed the shedding process and is pleasing for the dog.

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