Dog’s First Aid Kit For Traveling

Dog’s First Aid Kit For TravelingAlthough you cannot prevent emergencies from happening, you can prepare for them by having the necessary supplies readily available when you need them. When traveling with your dog, you should carry a first aid kit that is specifically designed for your dog. The kit should include the following 14 items in addition to your cell phone:

1. Your veterinarian’s phone number, because 911 will not put you in touch with canine emergency personnel.

2. Antibiotic cream, 1 tube

3. Bandage roll, 3-inch gauze

4. Cotton balls, 1 small package

5. Eyewash or a bottle of artificial tears to flush foreign material from his eyes

6. Disinfectant, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution

7. Muzzle, about 4-foot length of soft cotton rope

8. Pad and pencil

9. Scissors, blunt tipped or bandage scissors

10. Soap for cleaning skin wounds (liquid organic iodine type)

11. Syringe, 12-cc capacity for flushing wounds or administering oral medication

12. Styptic stick for minor torn nail bleeding

13. Tape, one roll of 2-inch adhesive

14. Thermometer, rectal

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