Discover How To Leash Train Your New Puppy

Discover How To Leash Train Your New PuppyPeople and dogs both enjoy to go for walks. When you adequately train your puppy for the leash you can really enjoy your walks. If you don’t properly train your puppy for the leash that same walk can be an exercise in futility.

In order to effectively leash train your puppy, you need to start when he is very young. It will be easier the younger he is. Start out by getting him used to the collar. At first he is probably going to fight it but just keep it on him.

If he starts whining and crying about the collar and you take it off you will have just taught him how he can have his way and you will always have problems. Make him wear the collar; just make sure that you remove it before you crate him to avoid any accidents.

After your puppy has gotten used to the collar you can start getting him used to the leash. Attach it to the collar and just allow him to drag it around the house. Make sure that you are there to supervise him as he could cause some chaos if the leash gets tangled with anything. Pretty soon you can take the leash and practice walking around in the house with him. It may seem strange to walk your puppy around in the house but you will have success sooner if you start out in a place where he is comfortable and as far as that goes there is no place like home.

When he is doing well in the house, you can take him out to the yard. Again you are staying where he is comfortable. As you are walking make sure that you reinforce the behaviors you want and discourage the behaviors you do not want.

For instance, if your puppy is pulling at the leash, just stop. Stop walking. Stop moving. Do not allow him to pull at the leash. It will not be long before he figures out that pulling is unacceptable behavior. Make sure you are talking to him and communicating with him also. This is a good time for him to learn some commands.

puppy-pull-leashAnother technique you can use when he starts to pull is to quickly turn around and walk the other way. He will learn that he needs to pay attention. If he starts pulling again repeat either of these techniques and soon he will learn that pulling is not acceptable.

Sometimes your puppy will stop himself. If he stops and won’t go along on the walk you can use treats as encouragement. Don’t call him to you but rather drop the treat by your feet and make him come to it. It may take a few times but soon he will be walking with you instead of sitting behind.

In a short time your dog will be obediently walking next to you with a slack leash. This is what you wanted so make sure that he gets plenty of attention and praise when he does it so you can reinforce the good behavior. Never let your puppy get away with bad behavior and soon you will be enjoying walks with him.

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