Discover Bird Watching – Tips

Discover Bird Watching – Tips

Do you enjoy fresh air? Do you enjoy peaceful moments in the forest? Do you like nature? If you answered yes to a few of these questions why dont’t you try a great hobby like bird watching? You can even travel the world and still enjoy this simple and inexpensive pastime during a vacation.

A special bird watching vacation to try, if you’re a passionate bird watcher, is a world tour visiting some of the world’s great bird watching sites. Even locally in the United States, a lot of states offer bird sanctuaries and aviaries where you can go. Every places is home to countless species of native avian life, and promises a amazing experience. Here are a few of the more prominent international sites you’ll want to visit if you decide to go farther abroad:

South America – the jungles of South America house to thousands of beautiful birds. Bird watching vacation popular spots in South America is the Itatiaia National Park in Brazil, which is home to around 350 variety of species of birds native to the Amazon. The Iguazu National Park is the principal natural reserve in Argentina, with more than 400 types of native birds. Hato Pinero and Hato Cedral ranches in Venezuela, which are especially popular for bird watching, are other great places to visit in South America.

Europe – there are tons of popular spots in Europe for bird watching. There are in fact hundreds of bird watching spots in Britain alone. If you are considering Britain, the annual bird fairs and conventions held in various local districts are some things to look out for. Scotland and Ireland are also popular bird watching places, as they have little lakes and isles around these two countries are home to many different forms of bird life that are unique specifically to these islands.

The Carribean – While normally associated with vacations of a different sort, the Carribean Islands, are actually another great place to visit on a bird watching vacation world trip. In the Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island is the most well-liked place to go for bird watching. Bermuda is another excellent place to visit, as there are seven major natural reserves there sponsored by the Audubon Society. In Jamaica, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is popular because the birds there are so tame they sometimes perch on the bird watchers and eat out of their hands.

Asia – if you want to choose far afield, Asia is a fantastic place to go for bird watching vacation as a lot of different live there that have no equivalent counterparts in the west. Japan alone encompasses around 600 species of birds. The Lake Utonai and Tateyama Bird sanctuaries in Japan are the most important wildlife preserves where you can see them. China’s main attraction is not only its original species of birds, but the fact that certain sites like Beidaihe are a migratory centre for far-ranging birds from all across Asia. Another good place to visit for bird watching is Thailand’s Doi inthanon International Park, which boasts 382 resident species. As you can see there exist a lot of places you could indulge yourself in an excellent bird watching vacation. Don’t forget to take your camera and your trusty bird watching binoculars with you!

So as you can see there are a lot of interesting places you can go visit while enjoying this super bird watching hobby. If you don’t feel like travelling there is also your trusty backyard to be discovered. You could be surprised of what you can discover in there.

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