Common dog diseases

Common dog diseases Many diseases that plague dogs are caused by the huge number of parasites and bacteria in their body. When symptoms develop, it’s usually too late to do anything and not even a good veterinarian can help you.

These diseases often damage interior organs and lead to death. If you have dogs, here are some canine diseases you should be aware of:

Rabies – is a viral neuroinvasive disease that causes acute inflammation of the brain in warm-blooded animals. It is transmitted by mammals, most commonly by a bite from an infected animal. It is fatal if left untreated. In some countries, rabies is a significant killer of livestock.

Canine parvo virus – another major disease caused by the parvo virus – the most common viral infection in dogs. It can spread through direct or indirect contact with the feces of infected dogs. This disease is mostly harmful to puppies and can lead to death. Symptoms appear within three to ten days and include vomiting, dehydration, bloody diarrhea and high fever. This disease can cause several other infections in dogs. It can be detected by the hemaggutination test or an electron microscope.

Infectious hepatitis – this viral disease affects dogs by causing hemorrhages and severe liver damage. Clinical signs vary from severe to in apparent (i.e., no manifest signs). Congenital heart disease – mostly inherited and may occur in one percent of all dogs. Heart disorders may lead to secondary diseases such as pneumonia, the accumulation of fluid in body cavities, labored breathing, edema and heart failure.

Dermatitis – common symptoms include skin inflammation and loss of hair. Causative agents are nutritional deficiencies, bacterial infections, hypothyroidism, allergies, hormone imbalances and parasites (e.g., fleas, lice, mites, fly larvae, and ticks). The cure rate depends on the detection of the virus in the body of the animal. If it is detected earlier, the dog can survive quickly. Thus, it is important to look for symptoms and cure it accordingly.

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