Cat Fleas – An Annoyance and a Danger to Your Pet

Cat Fleas - An Annoyance and a Danger to Your PetIf you have a cat, even if you keep him indoors, you should be alert to signs of a flea infestation. When your cat has fleas, you may notice him scratching or he may have a change in behavior. He may stop using the litter box. You may notice his hair is thinning. You may see scabs. If your cat has a heavy flea infestation or if his symptoms are severe due to a flea allergy, you should take him to the vet right away for treatment.

Cat fleas can be difficult to get rid of once they have established themselves in your home. Cat fleas can live off dogs and other pets. The larvae can live for a long time in your pet’s bedding, feeding off of dropping of adult fleas. Fleas can hurt your cat when they bite. They can be very annoying to your pet.

If your cat develops an allergy to the flea saliva then his health could be at risk. Cat fleas bite humans too and can transmit disease. When you have a problem with cat fleas, you must quickly take action to rid your home of those unwanted pests.

Your veterinarian can give your cat medication that will keep him free from fleas although it will take a few days for the medication to begin to work. In the mean time, the vet may recommend you give your cat a flea bath or use a flea spray.

Getting your cat free of fleas is just half the battle. If the fleas avoid your cat, they will be more likely to go after your dog or humans living in the house. You must treat your home to rid it of fleas as well. Your cat’s bedding should be washed and treated to get rid of both the larvae and adults. You may need to treat your carpet and upholstered furniture that your cat spent a lot of time on. Using a carpet spray that contains malathion will prevent larvae from growing into adult fleas. Preventing cat fleas from taking over your home and cat is a lot easier than getting rid of an infestation.

Take your cat to your veterinarian for regular checkups so the vet can look for telltale signs of fleabites. Regular use of flea medication as prescribed by your vet will keep fleas off your cat and hopefully out of your home.

Cat fleas are far more than just an annoyance to your beloved pet. They can spread disease to your cat and your family members. Fleas can make your cat miserable, so always be alert for signs that your cat has fleas. Take action even if you see just one flea. If there is one, there are more hiding somewhere and they are all reproducing. It doesn’t take long for a full blown infestation to develop.

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