Barking dogs what can I do

Barking dogs what can I doIf you live near a barking dog, there are some things you can do to keep your neighborhood quiet.

First, contact the dog owner and ask him to do something about the problem. Sometimes the owner may not be aware of the problem and will take steps to stop the barking right away.

If this does not work, then call your local humane society. They will want the name and address of the dog owner, and they will need your name and address too. They will also want to know when the dog is disturbing people.

In general a letter from the humane society is sent to the dog owner, usually this letter solves the barking problem.

In spite of this, if the dog continues to bark, a call will have to be made to the humane society again. A complaint will most likely be issued with an officer delivering it to the dog owner.

A complaint must be signed by neighbors within a realistic distance of the pet owner. If the dog owner still does not do something about the barking, they may have to appear in court.

Don’t forget, if your dog is doing the barking; steer clear of any unpleasantness for your neighbors and yourself with some easy and sensible training for your dog.

Finally, if you are end up being a neighbor of a barking dog, keep in mind that you can do something about it. Most states and counties have noise laws on the books.

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