Australian Shepherd: Diligent, Brainy, and Protective

Australian Shepherd: Diligent, Brainy, and ProtectiveThe popular Australian Shepherd is well-known not only to possess a magnificent rustic coat but it is hailed to have an unbounded spirit, high intelligence, and an affectionate heart towards its masters. This breed is of working class and they do their jobs in a most diligent and excellent way.

Off the working field, they are playful and adore children and so we can clearly conclude that the Australian Shepherd is a great companion and fun house pet all at one time.

Although the name Australian is used by this dog, they are not a native of Australia. According to records, the breed came from the regions of either Spain of France in the spectacular Pyrenees Mountain area. The breed was distinct with the name Australian Shepherd because it is the Australians whom brought the breed to America and it is in this country that this breed developed and became a household name.

The Aussie is known to be excessively lively, easily trained, highly intelligent, and owns a remarkable and intrinsically strong herding and guarding instinct. Truth is, it is that strongly innate in them that an Aussie who has never been reared with livestock his whole life will remotely respond to the flock as an expert herder. This instinct also overwhelms them most of the time so it is best, if they are not living in a farm or ranch setting, to focus their energy in to another active and useful task.

In a farm, the Aussie is an excellent work dog doing every task diligently and expertly such as herding livestock, searching and rescuing lost cattle, and obeying the master whole-heartedly. Inside the house they are affectionate and loyal to the family and infinitely playful to the children, however, they are intrinsically doubtful of strangers but this temperament makes them a superb guard dog. The Aussie is also distinct in having a possessive and protective nature towards its masters that’s why you will see them always adoringly tailing and following their masters around!

Aussies have a strong need to guard and protect the family that owns them that’s why, with the absence of proper training, this temperament may become unreasonable and unfocused and they may become stubborn and unreasonably vicious in watching over you. Aussies that have unfocused energies and untrained dispositions will demand and consume much of your time and attention and this can prevent you from doing some of your important tasks. In terms of being very possessive and suspicious of strangers, this breed needs to be socialized to new people often so as to open their minds to the possibility of new friends.

aussieThe Australian Shepherd breed, being so excessive in energy, is one of those breeds that need proper behavioral training and obedience training so as to channel their characteristics in to a more useful and positive way. They are inherently working dogs and so an active lifestyle must be encouraged for them. They need to be unfenced and must be allowed to play and perform active physical and mental exercises daily so as to enhance or maintain that spirited disposition in them and to avoid the development of negative behaviors as well.

If Aussies are owned by a family having a sedate lifestyle, this could take an extra effort because of the regimens that the dog has to experience. This creature needs a wide open area for running, jumping, and rough-housing. When not in training, however, they need to be sheltered in a fenced area for the sight of children and other dogs will overwhelm them forcing their herder nature to come out.

Known in choices of names: Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dog, Bob-Tail, Blue Heeler, New Mexican Shepherd, and California Shepherd, the Australian Shepherd is without a doubt a prime and excellent working dog! If you yourself abhors lying around and couch potatoing then the Aussie as a companion will bring a much exciting experience in to your life. Just train them properly and understand their nature, and you have a wonderful lively companion.

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