Are You Risking Your Cat’s Life? Will Cat Health Insurance Help?

More than likely you’ve heard about pet insurance, and this is actually a type of insurance that is not just for dogs. You can also purchase cat health insurance to keep your cat protected. As your cats begin to age, you never know what kind of physical problems they may have, from illnesses to injuries. For this reason, there are many owners that have found cat health insurance an important expense. Insurance is extremely affordable and you need only pay a reasonable monthly fee.

Cats Have Lower Insurance Rates than Dogs

The great thing about having a cat is that they have lower insurance rates than dogs. If you start your cat in a health insurance plan while it is young, you’ll also save money. As long as it never has any serious illnesses the insurance rates will continue to be low. However, if it gets injured or becomes ill, you’ll have something to fall back on to help pay many bills.

Routine Checkups and More

As your cat continues to age the health insurance is going to come in handy. You’ll need to have routine checkups and there may be some other procedures needed along the way. Having cat health insurance will help you afford the checkups and preventive health care that your cat will need.

Making Your Cat’s Prescriptions Affordable

If you are a cat owner, one of the most expensive things to pay for can be its prescription drugs. Whether you cat needs a prescription after a procedure or due to an injury, it can really get quite expensive. As your cat gets older, it may need drugs to help with arthritis or other health conditions. These medications can get expensive and may cost more than $100 each month. However, if you have insurance for your cat the prescriptions may be covered by the insurance company.

Pure Bred Cats Really Benefit

If you have a pure bred cat, then you can really benefit from having cat health insurance. You see, many pure bred cats, as well as dogs, have specific physical problems that occur later in their lives. This can get expensive as your cat grows older, so having the cat insurance can really save you money as you endeavor to care for your pure bred feline.

It is important that you don’t wait until your cat gets injured or sick to begin thinking about health insurance. You can save a huge amount of money by insuring your cat now. Yes, you’ll be paying on a monthly basis, but the benefits of the insurance are enormous.

In summation, you may be risking your cat’s life if an unexpected sizable health expense surfaces and you are not prepared.

Yes, cat health insurance can make the difference between risking your cat’s life to euthanasia and being able to afford proper health care.

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