Adopting a Cat Or Buying One? What Is Best For You?

by Virginia Sutherland
Adopting a Cat Or Buying One? What Is Best For You?When you are ready to include a magnificent feline into your family and life the question arises whether to purchase a cat, or to adopt one who is looking for a safe loving home. You can purchase a kitten or a retired breeder from a reputable breeder, or you can adopt a cat from the shelter or from a family who for whatever reason needs to relinquish their cat.

If you’re looking for a purebred cat to take to cat shows then there is no question that you will probably wind up dealing with an expensive purchase, but if you don’t really care about the purebred status of a cat then your options are wide open.

There are different advantages to getting your cat from either a shelter or a breeder. Breeders will give you a guarantee and the kitten will come with a wellness check by a veterinarian. You may be restricted in showing, and most certainly breeding. Getting a cat from the shelter assures that cat has been screened for some diseases and you will also most likely get a history about the cat.

Some cat owners swear by certain breeds with regards to a good temperament or healthy constitution, and the only way these folks can be guaranteed that they are getting exactly the breed of cat they want is by purchasing one that has accompanying documentation. For some people, this is the only way they would consider bringing a cat into their home.

Adopting a cat opens up the possibilities considerably, because there are usually a huge variety of cats of all breeds and ages awaiting adoption. Since a lot of these cats had previous owners, most of them are litter box trained and used to living with people.

Some cats at shelters come with a full history, such as if they deal well with young children or with other pets. There is also a great feeling that can come with adopting a cat since some cats that are never adopted wind up euthanized by the shelter. There simply isn’t always enough room for all the cats in the shelter, so sometimes there is no other choice. By adopting a cat, you’re saving the cat’s life.

adopt-a-catThere are many other ways to adopt a cat than shelters. Your local newspaper will have many ads about cats looking for a loving family. The reason someone has to give their cat away is many. Allergies are a common one, as is change in living conditions, the death of the cat’s owner, a divorce etc.

The advantage of adopting from a shelter is that you are more assured to know any health issues prior to deciding to adopt. Adopting privately means you do not know if the cat has any health issues that may end up being expensive, both financial and emotionally.

If you are undecided whether you should adopt a kitty, or purchase one from a breeder, do not worry. Cats have an uncanny way of coming into our lives in just the perfect way. You can start exploring both options, and before you know it your absolutely perfect fur baby will find you.

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