7 Resourceful Tricks to Find Cheap Pet Insurance Policies

pet insurance

pet insurance

Pet insurance policies are most likely one of the least advertised kinds of coverage out of all types of insurance plans. To most of the pet owners in Australia, their beloved animal is an integrated family member and they treat them like their children or best companion.

Several people consider purchasing pet insurance plans to safeguard their pets at times of health concerns so as to get the best possible treatment.  Most owners look for ways to find the cheapest pet insurance policy, if they don’t want to invest too much in such insurance.

Here are few tricks that would help your to find cheap pet insurance policies in Australia.

  1.  Research online on various pet insurance company sites to find an affordable pet insurance instead of going directly to a pet shop or pet store and asking about cheap pet insurances. Internet can give you much more details that what you looked for. Asking around with people is also a good way, but different people can give you different opinions based on their experiences, which may tend to confuse you. So, a web search would work far better- this way, you can not only research about various companies, but also the policies that they offer.
  1. Check your pet’s breed. Make sure that you understand your pet’s breed, and possess all the associated papers for easy documentation when you are ready to buy an insurance policy for your pet. Learning the breed is important since specific pet breeds are given certain offers by the insurance firms, which can help to bring down the premium amount.
  1.  One more way to avail a plan with lower premium is to request for a higher deductible. Many of the plans begin with AU$100 deductible; however, if you are ready to opt for AU$500 deductible, you can save much more.
  1.  Ask the insurance provider for discounts. Most of them try to offer some discounts to earn business since the insurance industry is a highly competitive one. For instance, if you are a member of a specific professional organization or if your pet has undergone some training courses, you will mostly qualify for discounts.
  1. Always, get minimum of three quotes from various insurance firms to ensure that you are availing the best low cost insurance for your pet. Request for quotes on 3 comparable plans as this can be easier to compare.It is great idea to get some advice from your pet’s veterinarian before buying a cheap insurance policy since they will have plenty of experience in dealing with such companies and will have better ideas. They can also give you some tips about the company you can opt for.
  1. When you call the company to ask for quotes, most firm will seek to up sell you to a costlier policy. To avoid such a situation, ensure it is evident what type of coverage you prefer and how much you are ready to pay; if not, it would be easy for them to get your approval for an expensive plan.
  1.  Finally, keep in mind that a cheap policy does not always offer the best value. So, it is essential that you do your research and find a policy that is not only cheap, but also offers good value for money. The safety of your pets should be your top priority, and you shouldn’t really put your money on a plan that doesn’t offer good protection to your beloved pets.

Author Bio: David Richard is a pet lover, who likes giving readers a heads up about buying pet insurance in Aus. He has a dog and a gold fish at home, and he is also extremely fond of parrots too.