5 Quick Tropical Fish Facts

5 Quick Tropical Fish Facts

Tropical fish are beautiful, and that’s a fact! They are ideal pets if you don’t have a lot of spare time as they don’t need walking and don’t scratch the furniture. But there are some tropical fish facts and tips you should know before buying your first aquarium.

Tropical Fish Fact One

The majority of people of start off with a very small aquarium not realizing they will soon become hooked. Before too long they are back to the pet shop buying another one the next size up.

Tip: Don’t buy the smallest aquarium you can find – you may well be wasting your time and money although the pet shop owner will love you.

Tropical Fish Fact Two

Tropical fish are categorized by their nature. Like humans, some are loners and will bite the head off anyone that comes too close, some like only their own species and don’t mix too well with others, and some are friendly, outgoing, and love spending time with anyone who comes their way.

Tip: Check if the tropical fish you are buying are non-community fish, semi-aggressive or community fish.

Tropical Fish Fact Three

There are certain types of tropical fish you should buy when introducing them to a new tank. You must be sure to buy hardy fish as the levels of ammonia and nitrate in your tank will fluctuate before evening out over time, and not all tropicals can survive these changes.

Tip: Make sure you know your stuff before buying your first fish. If the shop owner is not an expert, search reference books and Internet forums for the best types of hardy tropical starter fish.

Tropical Fish Fact Four

Some dainty, delicate and fragile looking tropical fish can grow extremely large very fast! This will mean a further trip back to the pet shop where the owner will greet you rubbing his hands in glee.

Tip: Find out exactly how large your potential purchase will grow before you purchase it.

Tropical Fish Fact Five

Aquariums need equipment such as filters, pumps and heaters. Filtration systems help to keep the fine ecological balance necessary in your aquarium for the fish to thrive. They are readily available in three different types.

Tip: Don’t purchase your filtration system before you know which fish are going into your aquarium. Choose from either a chemical, mechanical or biological filter after discussing with an expert which would be the best for your particular tank.

There is nothing more soothing after a stressful day than relaxing and losing yourself in the graceful, colorful and calming world of beautiful tropical fish, and armed with these few tropical fish facts and tips this colorful world could soon be a part of your life.

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