21 Tips to Take Care of your Dog

dog_smile1. A dog that refuses to eat might be experiencing some emotional or physical ailments. If your dog refuses to eat, take your dog to the vet immediately.

2. Don’t give your puppies or dogs table scraps or real bones. They are hard to digest and may cause bleeding. Purchase commercial dog food. The commercially available varieties are carefully studied to give complete nutrition for dogs.

3. A change in the behavior of your older dog can be caused by a multitude of conditions that appear on the onset of old age. Have your veterinarian check your dog for muscle or joint pain.

4. To make traveling easier for you and your puppy, take your puppy on short playing and treat trips. This will help your puppy become accustomed to riding in cars.

5. Try to be sensitive to your dog’s behavior and moods. Dogs also get stressed so try to cheer up your pet when you think it’s lonely.

6. Know your dog’s common illness, and read up on what you may do when you think your dog has them.

7. Bring squeaky toys and chew bones with you on a trip so your dog doesn’t get too bored being cooped up the car.

8. Fleas love a moist wet environment. Always make sure your dog is dry when it comes into the house. Dry your dog thoroughly after baths too.

9. Check the pet shop or consult with your vet regarding the amount of food you should give your dog. It will vary according to the size and breed of your dog.

10. Talk to other dog owners. They might have tips and tricks on handling your pet.

11. For quick relief from itching caused by flea bites, cover an 8-inch segment of your dog’s coat with cooking oil and rub with garlic powder.

12. Buy dog treats that have calories per serving written at the back. A table of nutrients as well as ingredients is also a plus so you’ll know what your dog is getting.

13. You can eliminate excess gas by elevating your dog’s food dish so your dog doesn’t swallow too much air.

14. A portable exercise pen is a good housetraining tool for pups. You can leave your pups outside without fear that they’ll run into the street.

15. Water should always be readily available to your dog at any time of the day. Dogs don’t have sweat glands and need plenty of water to cool down.

16. Buy dog supplements rich in glucosamine, calcium and antioxidants to maintain healthy bones and muscles on your pet.

17. Make sure balls for fetch and chewing are large enough that they won’t get lodged in your dog’s throat.dog_ice_cream

18. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs. Make sure your dog doesn’t accidentally eat any. If your dog does, take your dog immediately to a vet.

19. Equal amounts of vinegar and water can get rid of any skunk smell that your dog might get. Just wash your dog with this solution, shampoo and then rinse again with plain water.

20. A microchip implant, if you can afford it, is a great investment if you don’t want your dog to get lost. This is especially useful if you remove your dog’s collars often.

21. Chicken and other bird bones break off into sharp pieces. Never give these to your dog because the bones may puncture your dog’s throat or intestines.

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